For almost 4 decades Pennington Day has been a popular street fair for the residents, organizations and businesses of Pennington and Hopewell Valley. Pennington Day’s origins date back to January 1980 when a huge fire consumed Pennington School’s four-story O’Hanlon Hall. The blaze brought 19 fire companies to the scene to fight the fire. In its aftermath, the borough and its residents came together to decide what they could do to help the school recover from this tragedy. From the ashes of O’Hanlon Hall sprang the first Pennington Day later that year, the proceeds of which helped the school recover from its disaster.

Since that time, Pennington Day has become one of the most exciting and fun dates on the borough and Hopewell Valley’s annual calendars. Pennington Day’s mission is to celebrate and strengthen the community we love. The event also provides an opportunity for community groups, civic organizations and businesses to inform the community about their work. With the money raised from sponsors and participants, Pennington Day makes grants to non-profit organizations, civic organizations, schools and municipalities, for specific projects that will serve Pennington and Hopewell Valley.

Pennington Day Inc. is a 501(c)(3) company.