Further Pennington’s community spirit and identity as a community and enhance quality of life
  • Provide community groups, civic organizations and businesses from within the Hopewell Valley an opportunity to inform the community of their mission
  • Allow community organizations from within the HopewelI Valley to raise funds through their sponsorship of Pennington Day events and/or the booths they set up
  • To disburse any funds in excess of expenses to charitable organizations within the Hopewell Valley

Pennington Day in its current form consists of a Board of Trustees, a Grants Committee, Pennington Day Co-chairs and approximately 30 committees.

Pennington Day Inc.received its tax exempt 501(c)(3) status from the IRS as a public charityon 4/11/2000.

The Pennington Day Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is the administrative arm of Pennington Day, which consists of at least six, and not more than 13 volunteers from the local community, at least one of whom must be a past Pennington Day Chair. The term of office is three years. A Trustee may hold consecutive terms not to exceed six years.

The primary functions of the Board are:


  • To establish and oversee the policies of Pennington Day
  • To act as a liaison to Borough Council and the Mayor, the Pennington Police Department and the Pennington Public Works Department
  • To have charge of all funds, securities and financial records of the organization including the filing of federal and state tax returns as necessary
  • To obtain liability insurance for the event
  • To recruit and elect candidates for the Pennington Day Grants Committee
  • To serve as a liaison to the Grants Committee having final approval of the applications for the distribution of funds
  • To recruit and elect candidates for the position of Chair and Co-chair of Pennington Day
  • To provide guidance and assistance to the Chairs

The Pennington Day Grants Committee
The Pennington Day Grants Committee consists of at least seven and no more than eleven volunteers from the local community. The term for members is three years. Members can hold consecutive terms on the Committee but not more than six years.

The function of the Grants Committee is to disburse Pennington Day funds in excess of expenses to charitable organizations in the greater Hopewell Valley area.

The Pennington Day Chair and Co-Chair
The Pennington Day Chairs are recruited and elected by the Board of Trustees annually. Chairs should be in place if possible by January 1st. The term for Pennington Day Chairs is from the time of election to the following January.Chairs may then be nominated for positions on the Board of Trustees or Grants Committee.

The primary functions of the Chairs are:

  • To recruit volunteers to manage the organization and implementation of all areas of Pennington Day
  • To issue/authorize contracts to all paid performers and personnel
  • To acquire necessary permits, insurance and waivers for the use of facilities, materials, or equipment necessary for the operation of Pennington Day in consultation with the appropriate Committee Chairs
  • To notify, in cooperation with affected committees, vendors that they are to pay NJ sales tax (booth committee) and health (food committee) permits as applicable
  • To manage the financial operation of Pennington Day in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Trustees. This entails validating all expenses incurred by Pennington Day committees prior to reimbursement and submitting vouchers to the Treasurer for payments
  • To manage and direct all volunteer committees working on behalf of Pennington Day
  • To abide by the Pennington Day Policies and Procedures reporting regularly to the Board of Trustees on the management and organization of Pennington Day