Reserve A Booth

1. To reserve your booth space(s), click either Food Vendor or Booth Vendor to the right. 
All registrants must pay a single, non-refundable $20 registration fee that will appear in the cart. Applicable booth space and food vendor space fees can be found at
Booth space fees are non-refundable after 5 p.m. on Tuesday May 5, 2020.

2. Select type of booth space from options.

3. Check “Your Answer” and click on the green box to purchase.

4. The booth space type you selected will be in capital letters above the large blue or green booth icon.
The options for BOOTH vendors are:
(1) Non-Profit Booth Vendor
(2) Hopewell Valley Business Booth Vendor, or
(3) Non-Hopewell Valley Business Booth Vendor.

The options for FOOD vendors are:
(1) For-Profit Food Vendor, or
(2) Non-Profit Food Vendor.

If the booth space type is NOT correct, scroll down and click on the booth space type you need. You can also return to the previous page and start over.

5. If you need 1 booth space, click ‘ADD TO CART’.
If you need more than 1 booth space, replace the 1 in the quantity box with the number of spaces you need, click ‘ADD TO CART’.

6. ALL Vendors must have general liability insurance.
(see Vendor Terms & Conditions at:, or

In CART Booth Vendors ONLY may purchase Vendor Liability Insurance for Pennington Day for $35 (this insurance is not valid for food vendors). Vendors who purchase this policy will receive a Certificate of Liability Insurance via email the week prior to Pennington Day.

7. In CART you have the option to add a donation to sponsor Pennington Day. 


9. In CHECKOUT fill in your billing details, if you are using a generator, the type of business/exhibit and click PROCEED TO PAYPAL.

On PayPal, you will be able to pay with a CREDIT CARD, or PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

10. Your Credit Card or PayPal account will not be charged, nor will you have successfully reserved a booth, until you have completed the entire registration process.

11. A successful reservation will result in an email sent to the address provided. If you do not receive an email, contact [email protected]



Select your vendor type below to begin.


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